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([personal profile] borusa Jun. 1st, 2015 10:51 am)
So, after Worldcon I joined an SFF forum - - which is really nice, except occasionally a bit reactionary. It has a monthly 75-word fiction challenge, a quarterly 300-word challenge and an almost-monthly anonymous 100 word challenge. And I find them quite enjoyable, and as a result I've written a number of short things (and one longer one), which I thought I'd repost here, sporadically.

Here's the first, written for a the anonymous 100 word challenge, for which the theme was "That Old Chestnut"

The Lost Portal

“What’s the use of knowing about a magical world if you forget where the entrance is hidden?”

Michael looked incongruous, his shiny armour reflecting the illuminated “Greggs The Baker” sign in a way that only the very charitable would describe as “eldritch”. I hardly looked any less odd with my wizarding robes and my sacred staff, which was absolutely not a wand.

“I think we should have another go. We can pretend we’re live role-players.”

Minutes later, we were walking through Cannon Hill Park counting trees. “Twenty-three… twenty-four… that’s it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s definitely that old chestnut.”

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