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([personal profile] borusa Jan. 1st, 2014 05:22 pm)
So, for the first year ever I wrote more than one story. In addition, I wrote two of them significantly before the deadline.

All Alone in the Night
Susan Calvin - Isaac Asimov's Robot Series. "Case-fic"
I actually did a canon review on this (such hardship). I wanted to write something that fitted in with the existing Robot stories, and at least vaguely felt like it could have been a (short) part of it. In the end, I might have done this a little too well - I wanted to get Susan Calvin to diverge a little from Asimov's, and I think I didn't quite get that enough. There's a paragraph that I would have back and rewrite, because I think the emphasis is wrong. I ended up having to sweat a bit over the writing - I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn't quite make it come out.

Le Marché Lutin
Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market. CAUTION: NSFW! Modern(ish) formal kink AU.
I picked this off a post as part of the "Yuleporn" challenge, because I got an idea about how to do it. I'm rather proud of this story, and it seems to have eventually found something of an audience. It's the second longest story I've ever written, and once I had the structure sorted, it came quite easily.
It's kind of set in Baton Rouge, though I rowed back from that due to not finding much in the way of useful information and never having been there.

Nectar of the Honeymen
Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market.
So. Amusing story here. [ profile] the_alchemist and I were sitting having a mini-write in when this came up on the pinch hit list. I'd already finished the other Goblin Market story, and [ profile] the_alchemist said "Your Goblin Market recipient's come up on the pinch hit list, do you want it?" I rather vacillated, and she grabbed it for me.

Not the right recipient.

So, I had to come up with another story. The recipient had suggested dystopia SF AU's, so I decided to write that, but had no real idea about how to do it. It was only when, slightly drunk, I was walking back through wet London streets, and the first paragraph or so popped into my head. I went back home and madly flailed at it for a bit, then all the next day was coming up with phrases and images. I've never made up so many words in my life, but I think it works as a fiction quite well.

My gift:
Controlled Flight Into Terrain by VerySleepy
The Magicians - Lev Grossman.
I liked this a lot! I wanted something with Alice and Julia, because they're my two favourite characters (they never meet in the book), and this delivered in a canon-appropriate and interesting way. Very pleased.
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