Dear Yuletide Author!

First up, thanks for taking part in this ridiculous activity, and for offering something I requested.

Here are previous yuletide letters:

In general, I like things that fit in with the tone and theme of canon, either as interstitial scenes, or "what happens next" type things.

I don't much like crossovers, because the feel of one world often jars (for me) against the feel of another - it's often like that feeling you get in your teeth when someone runs nails down a blackboard.

I do like plot, kink, characters just talking, different (from canon) viewpoint characters and cleverness.

I have a huge squick about eye-related violence. (Blindfolds are fine, sharp pokey things are not).

Here's my prompts:

Fandom: Mighty Good Road - Melissa Scott
Characters: Gwynne Heikki, Marshallin Santerese
There's an interesting class-dynamic in the book - as well as being from the more urban centre than the rural Heikki, Santerese appears to be of a higher class. Certainly the relative wariness and formality that Heikki displays towards her implies that (to me). How did they meet? Do others think that Santerese is "slumming it" in some way? How do their differing backgrounds affect their relationship?

It's an area undeveloped in the book, sadly, and one I'd love to see explored.

MGR is an early Melissa Scott novel, and it's not without a few plot structure issues (though fewer than, say, Dreamships). But it does have a fairly compelling world to it, and I particularly like the transport elements of it, and the sense of corporate intrigue.

Fandom: The Magicians - Lev Grossman
Characters: Alice, Julia
Alice and Julia don't ever meet in the books, which I find interesting. Also, there aren't any sections with Alice as the point-of-view character. Does she secretly know what is going to happen to her? Does she fear it? Accept it?

Is there a way that Alice and Julia could meet after the end of the Magician King? What does it mean to be a niffin?

Or you could have them meet in one of the gaps in the books, perhaps in the period when the Brakebills are living in the city. I think they could find a lot to talk about, if they could find a way to talk. And it definitely doesn't have to be about Quentin (though I won't object if it is).

Additional info: I wrote my reaction to The Magicians here:
I would add that on a re-read, I noticed how desperately all of the characters need Fillory, while at the same time pretending that they don't. This is particularly true of Quentin, but it's more that he doesn't notice how much it obssesses the others too. There are layers about fantasy there, but also about religion, given Narnia, that are interesting.

Fandom: Secretary
Characters: Lee, Edward
It saddens me that there isn't more Secretary fan-fic. Yes, it does veer towards the "S/M people are broken" view, but it does so lovingly and fairly non-judgementally.

I'd love to know what Lee and Edward's marriage is like. At the end of the film, there's a shot of her bratting (again), which is interesting. Have they found a way to talk more? Or do they still exist in a world of meaningful gestures and long silences (punctuated by the odd staccato sound)?

Additional info:
Not much that's useful. I like Lee's agency in the film, I love the scene where she wins Edward in particular.

Fandom: Star Cops
Characters: Any of them. Really.
As near as I can tell, there exists no fanfic for this show, which I think is an absolute tragedy. Really, I'd be happy with anything at all, any content whatsoever, but as that makes a rubbish prompt:

Nathan Spring & Pal Kenzy - there is a troubled relationship there, and an interesting one. Does Pal see Nathan as some kind of father figure? A potential love interest? Will she try and play him again?

Colin Devis & Pal - how long would she put up with his unreconstructed ways? What happens when she stops?

If you're feeling ambitious - a mystery on the high frontier! With the Star Cops investigating!

But really - optional details are optional.

Additional info: I absolutely mean this. I watch Star Cops on average about once every other year, and I love it to pieces, despite its faults.

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